Honda CRF

Honda CRF

Our first production motocross racer. CR250M Elsinore, took to the track in 1973 and set us on our journey. CRF450R is built ready to race; the CRF450R 50th Anniversary celebrates 50 years of battle. And Honda’s will to win.

Ready for a major upgrade?. The CRF250R the exact same HRC-developed chassis as the CRF450R. As a result, it’s a full 3kg lighter packing new steering geometry. Lateral frame rigidity reduced 20%, top and bottom yokes, and swingarm, tuned to match. Settings for the Showa suspension. 5mm extra stroke for the 49mm USD fork. Lightweight spring in the shock and new Pro-Link ratio. Feel the results instantly. Improved traction, front and rear, with smoother bump absorption and rut-riding ability.

Honda CRF Off Road CRF450R

Drive harder than ever. Engine is armed with narrower intake ports, a longer air funnel and smaller. 44mm diameter throttle body delivering higher-velocity air flow to create more torque and low-down power. New ECU settings and valve timing (straight from Tim Gajser’s #243 HRC machine). Usable powerplant with Launch Control, HSTC and EMSB to put it completely at your command.

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