Premium Shoei Helmets. We understand that your helmet represents a major investment – both financially and emotionally. This is why we have set up our Shoei Assured Service Centre which we are continuing to roll out across the whole of the UK. Ensuring that every UK motorcyclist can get the best service and the best helmet – a Shoei Premium Helmet.

The Shoei Assured Service Centre network has been developed to assure you when you purchase your Shoei Premium Helmet. The best service and the best fitting and most suitable helmet available.

When entering a Shoei Assured Service Centre, there are a few things you can be assured of:

  • Viewing the largest range of Shoei Premium Helmets.
  • Walking away with the best fitted helmet.
  • Dealing with staff trained by officially recognised Shoei technicians.
  • The best and most suitable advice to your unique needs.
  • The best service at both the time of sale and in the months afterwards.

So when thinking about your next helmet purchase. Be sure to visit a Shoei Assured store for the best possible service.

The combination of professionally trained Shoei technicians. The biggest ranges and best advice all mean that a Shoei helmet, purchased at a Shoei Assured store represents a sound investment in both product and service. So please do think carefully about where you buy your next helmet as you can only guarantee the best service and best fit at your nearest Shoei Assured Store.

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