Daytona Road Boots

Daytona Road Boots

Daytona boots are renowned throughout the motorcycle industry as being the best motorcycle boots on the market for both safety and performance. Handmade in Germany, these boots are designed and manufactured to exceed the expectations of many motorcyclists.

During production, there are over 80 steps that the 100 employees need to take before allowing Daytona boots to be sold to the general public as the quality is of the utmost importance. These 100 employees produce over 60,000 pairs of Daytona motorcycle boots each year by hand! All Daytona boots go through quality control and all aspects and components are made in-house under one roof.

Daytona motorcycle boots are not for the faint-hearted; these boots are made for serious motorcycle enthusiasts who regularly commute or tour for long periods of time. The work of Daytona boots is nothing short of innovative and because of this, their focus is on the safety and performance aspects of the boots over ‘bling’. However, sometimes, simplicity is best, and these boots are available in varying colours and can go with almost any motorcycle clothing that you have.

With the superior performance these boots offer, your riding and manoeuvrability will never be compromised.


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