Workshop Mats, Covers and Stands

Workshop Mats Covers and Stands

Oxfords range of Workshop and door mats. Motorcycle and scooter covers, Rainex, Stormex and Aquatex. Paddock stands, Zero G Stands.

Bike Mats

A workshop essential designed to absorb minor oil spillages in the garage and to keep a tidy and safe workshop.
100 X 200cm mat has a 5mm deep pile carpet which is made from a strong and durable 100% nylon pile carpet. Meeting the requirements of FIM and being great for garage or track use.

• Oil and water resistant yet easy to clean when spillages occur
• Made from a strong and durable 100% nylon pile carpet
• Takes the weight of a motorcycle on a stand
• Comfortable to kneel on whilst working on your motorcycle
• TPR backing prevents oil and fluid contaminating the immediate environment
• Sewn bound edge retains spills and is track compliant

Oxford bike cover

Whether you want to protect your bike from the elements or from potential thieves. Oxford Accessories has it covered.
Sporting a universal range of sizing and with specialist covers for almost every type of motorcycle, motorbike, scooter, ATV or three wheeler.
This range now includes versions to accommodate high screens and/or top boxes.

Aquatex is the essential motorcycle/scooter cover as you would expect from the world’s best-selling motorcycle cover it comes packed with useful features and is built to last.
Designed for both outdoor and indoor use. It offers protection against rain and dust. Police initiatives have also shown that bike covers can be a useful theft deterrent. This is especially true if you securely the belly strap in place and use the cover in conjunction with a chain lock. Threaded through the lock holes provided. Securing both motorcycle and cover in place at the same time.

Rainex is a deluxe rain and dust cover. For outdoor use it will protect against rain, sun, snow and dust.
The Rainex is packed full of features including a solar charger pocket and water-resistant seams. The cover can be used with a lock and comes recommended by RiDE magazine.

Stormex cover is our most famous cover and for good reason, it protects!
Stormex is an outdoor cover, which has a tough outer. Will protect your bike from rain, sun, snow and dust. Backed up with a luxurious padded lining will shield against small accidental bumps and knocks whilst parked up.
UK’s most respected motorcycle consumer title RiDE Magazine gave the Stormex top marks and RECOMMENDED in their market review. They praised the many unique features. The quality of construction and the serious protection it offers against water, abrasion and heat.

Paddock Stands

ZERO-G paddock stands cater for all kind of bikes – including those with single-sided swing arms and preferences, such as a choice of fork or headstock mounted front stands.

All of our paddock stands are engineered using the latest CAD technology and 3D modelling techniques. By being scientifically designed to minimise the required effort to move a given load, our new ZERO-G range of paddock stands literally take the weight off. Even better, they are able to do this without weighing too much themselves, making them even easier to use and live with.

Workshop Mats Covers and Stands

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