Italjet Dragster 125


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Offer Valid Between 14th October – 30th December 2023 

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Italjet Dragster is a legendary scooter that first made its debut in 1997. Known for its radical design, the original Dragster quickly became a cult classic among scooter enthusiasts. Now, the Dragster is back and better than ever.

With its bold colours and aggressive styling, the new Dragster is already becoming a cult classic in its own right. It’s a story of Italian passion, design, and attitude. The scooter embodies performance, innovation, and the desire to be unconventional.

The Dragster is the result of innovation, ambition, and passion. The goal was to deliver the most technologically advanced scooter possible, pushing the limit of design and incorporating precise detail and high-quality finishing. The result is an Urban Superbike that features an Aerospace alloy single-sided Independent Steering System (I.S.S.), a Trellis frame with Aluminium plates, Brembo brakes, and the full legal limit power output allowed on a 125cc engine.

The scooter is wholly manufactured in Italy and is guaranteed to deliver the thrill promised by its awe-inspiring aesthetic. It’s a rebirth of the values from 1995, proving that legends never truly die. The Dragster is powered by a 4-stroke, 4-valve, DOHC, liquid-cooled 125cc engine that produces 12.5 BHP. It features a Trellis frame in chrome molybdenum, adjustable front and rear suspension, I.S.S. Independent Steering System, LED projector headlights, LED tail light, LED sequential indicators, USB charging point, digital speedo, Brembo callipers, wavy brake discs, braided brake lines, and Pirelli tires.

In summary, the Italjet Dragster is an Italian icon on two wheels that embodies creativity, design, and genius. Its rebirth is a testament to the values that made the original Dragster a cult classic, and the new model is sure to deliver the same thrill and excitement to a new generation of scooter enthusiasts.

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