Shot Optimal Jacket MX Body Armour

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  • Protection exceeding the norms EN1621-2 and EN14021
  • Anatomic chassis in soft mesh for an optimal comfort
  • Durable back and chest protective shells providing mobility
  • Vented thermo-compressed foam

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Designed in collaboration with the world’s fastest riders, Shot brings decades of experience from the highest levels of racing to its users. Comfort, flexibility, lightness and durability are the characteristics of the Shot products, grab yours today and start your new riding season off in style!

Shot 2022 Optimal 2.0 Armoured Jacket offered protection and style to the wearer. Combining comprehensive armour across the entire upper torso from Back, Chest, Shoulder and Elbow. Extremely comfortable to wear it affords the rider expert manoeuvrability whilst ensuring the pads stay perfectly in place. A wide elasticated belt furthers the stability of the garment keeping it might against the body, whilst its mesh design keeps the rider cool.


2X Large, Extra Large, Large, Medium

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