N-TECH® SPR+ 5W-50

N-TECH® SPR+ 5W-50 is a race proven, fully synthetic racing 4-stroke motorcycle oil based on an advanced mix of the best base oils available on the market. High ratio of PAO’s (Polyalphaolefins) and synthetic esters ensure unrivalled quality and performance. The choice of the best base oils, in combination with the revolutionary N-TECH® additive system, improves power and minimises wear. SAE 5W-50 ensures a higher viscosity therefore a higher resistance to fuel dilution. Specially developed for extreme race conditions and starts. Combines maximum reliability with optimal wet clutch performance, increasing clutch grip and power.

Putoline Oil is a Dutch manufacturer and supplier of high quality oils and lubricants for motorcycles, scooters and quads only. This is what makes us unique. Almost 50 years of experience and continual research allows Putoline to provide cutting edge products at the best price/quality ratio. Manufacturing our own products guarantees consistent high quality. Putoline Oil, Driven by Technology!

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