For competition on mixed/hard terrain

  • Optimised grip

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A dedicated tread pattern

The tread block design assists traction, optimises braking and increases tyre longevity, they are grooved to assist penetration into the ground and increase stability on mixed/hard terrain.

Tested and approved by professionals

Lighter and with better handling, the new MICHELIN Starcross 5 Medium tyres bring a range of technologies together. Their flexible carcass is one of their key features. Their performance on the straight and through the corners is optimised to provide better traction and more gradual cornering for your bike.

A wide range of sizes

A wider range of sizes for use on a wider range of bikes.


100/100-18 59M, 100/90-19 57M, 110/100-18 64M, 110/90-19 62M, 120/80-19 63M, 120/90-18 65M, 70/100-17 40M, 70/100-19 42M, 80/100-21 51M, 90/100-14 49M, 90/100-16 51M, 90/100-21 57M

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