Your trusted ally on dry or wet surfaces, in the city or on open roads, whatever the season

  • Grip in wet conditions and even in the rain!
  • Performance made to last
  • Approved by one or several manufacturers

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  • £36 – Tyre change per wheel, when wheel is on bike.
  • £18 – Tyre Change per wheel, for wheel removed from bike when taken in.
  • £3 – Tyre disposal, if old tyre was not purchased from us.

Showing as Out of Stock? This item may still be available in store. Please contact us for more details 01343 550600

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Outstanding grip

A new silica-based rubber compound with shark tooth sipes gives this tyre outstanding grip on wet or slippery surfaces. It achieves remarkably short braking distances in the wet.

Excellent longevity

Renowned longevity of the City Grip ranges!

The choice of premium manufacturers

The MICHELIN City Grip 2 has already been selected by major manufacturers to fit on their scooters ( YAMAHA, PEUGEOT, etc.)


100/80-16 50S, 100/90-14 57S, 110/70-12 47S, 110/70-13 48S, 110/70-16 52S, 110/80-14 59S, 110/90-12 64S, 110/90-13 56S, 120/70-12 51S, 120/70-12 58S, 120/70-13 53S, 120/70-14 61S, 120/70-15 56S, 120/70-16 57S, 120/80-12 65S, 120/80-14 58S, 120/80-16 60S, 130/60-13 60S, 130/70-12 62S, 130/70-13 63S, 130/70-16 61S, 130/80-15 63S, 140/60-13 63S, 140/60-14 64S, 140/70-12 65S, 140/70-14 68S, 140/70-15 69S, 140/70-16 65S, 150/70-13 64S, 150/70-14 66S, 90/80-16 51S, 90/90-14 52S

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